You can become a reseller of BelDeWereld very easily and start generating revenue for yourself, without the need for any technical knowledge of telecommunications on your part. As a reseller of BelDeWereld you have the opportunity to offer a service to your specific target group, which enables them to call at low rates abroad from the Netherlands. Your success will directly translate into a percentage of the revenue you generate for BelDeWereld.

Reselling of BelDeWereld enables you to offer telephony services to your target group to all international destinations mentioned on the BelDeWereld website from the Netherlands for the competitive rates mentioned on the BelDeWereld web site. The only destinations which are not offered, are the ones which have a too high cost base to fit in the Dutch 0900 tariffs.

How does it work:
After you have become a reseller of BelDeWereld you will recieve a Welcome Code. You need to communicate this code to your target group. This Welcome Code will be asked by the IVR system of BelDeWereld only once the first time a customer of yours calls one of the 0900 access numbers of BelDeWereld from a telephone number that is not yet known within the system. The caller enters the Welcome Code and is able to call to international destinations via the BelDeWereld 0900 access numbers from that moment onwards. The Welcome Code will not be asked again the next time the same user calls one of the 0900 access numbers of BelDeWereld.
From that moment onwards it is known in the BelDeWereld system that the caller (via his telephone number) is a customer of yours (via your Welcome Code). The system will monitor the usage of your customers. A percentage (your commission) of the usage of your customers will be transferred to your bank account on a monthly basis. Also you will receive a monthly specification of all calls made under your Welcome Code.

What do you need to become a reseller:
- you need at least a bank account and a VAT number, so BelDeWereld is capable to transfer your commission to your account.

What does it cost you to become a reseller:
- nothing at all.

What do you have to do to be successful as a reseller:
- make sure that as many people as possible call abroad from the Netherlands via the 0900 access numbers of BelDeWereld and use your Welcome Code the first time they use the service.

Sounds interesting? Please fill in the following FORM and click SEND. You will immediately receive a BelDeWereld reseller agreement via email. If you sign this and fax it back to us, you will receive a Welcome Code from us and you can start reselling BelDeWereld instantly.

We hope we can welcome you as one of our resellers shortly !


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