BelDeWereld has been set up to provide consumers and business users with the opportunity to make international calls from the Netherlands to anywhere in the world in a simple care-free way at much lower rates than the incumbent operator.

BelDeWereld can offer these low rates because:
1. BelDeWereld buys its minutes in large volumes
2. BelDeWereld has a very low overhead
3. The number of parties in the chain from the caller to the called party is reduced to the absolute minimum
4. The cost savings that result from this are passed on to you as our customer

The BelDeWereld service does not require you to register yourself or to take a subscription. You can make calls immediately.
The costs for the calls made through BelDeWereld appear on your KPN* invoice.

* or your mobile operator in case you call from a GSM phone.


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